Prostate Massage Therapy-Milking

One way to get rid of stagnant fluids from the prostate is with prostate massage therapy. It also brings a lot of health benefits. The therapy is also known as an excellent sexual technique. Prostate massage is also recommended for men who spend a lot of time sitting the entire day, which can restrict the blood flow to the gland.

Prostate massage can bring good health, and at the same time pleasure as well. It can be done internally or externally; the choice is yours. The best thing about prostate massage therapy is that it can be done on your own or with your partner. It is up to you if you want to do it with or without any sexual undertones.

When it comes to men’s health, prostate massage therapy is something that all men should know how to do. Whether it is external or internal prostate massage, it is a technique that men should practice. The massage improves the health of the gland by fostering better blood circulation in it. The therapy has been practiced for around 60 years now.

Internal prostate massage is used by doctors to treat the enlargement of the prostate, which is also known as prostatitis. Prostate massage therapy provides relief from pain. However, the practice was discontinued by modern doctors after the development of modern antibiotics. But there are cases in which antibiotics don’t work, and that’s why there are people looking for alternative treatments for prostatitis.

Even if prostate massage therapy is not widely practiced by modern doctors, they still acknowledge the benefits of prostate massage. And in recent years, prostate massage has made a comeback as men learn about the benefits they can get from the practice. Now let us look at the two types of prostate massage therapy.

External Prostate Massage

It should be noted that the prostate is a muscle and gland at the same time. By doing prostate exercises, you tone your prostate. That’s why it is important to do prostate exercises. Another benefit of prostate massage therapy is that it helps you in preventing premature ejaculation. You will also improve the strength and duration of your erections.

Prostate exercise is done by targeting the pubicoccygeus or PC muscle, which is found from one’s pubic bone to the tailbone. The muscle supports the inner organs found in the pelvic area, as well as the function of the sphincter muscles.

External prostate massage is also known as Kegel exercises. It squeezes the gland to improve the flow of blood through it. In the process, the prostate gland is cleansed. The exercise is also recommended for men who are suffering from urinary incontinence because the exercises improve the strength of the bladder sphincter.

Internal Prostate Massage

Men who took a Digital Rectal Exam or DRE often experience discomfort and pain, which is the result of poor technique employed by doctors. When done right, the DRE should be fast and painless. It requires care, gentleness, and proper technique to make the anal muscles relax.

It is just normal reaction for men to squeeze their rectum shut when touched. But if the doctor applies the right amount of pressure, it will not be painful. But most doctors are not trained with internal prostate massage therapy, and that’s why it is painful. A good doctor will ask the patient to cough that will allow easy entry into the rectum.

Sonic Prostate Massager

This Sonic Prostate Massager is an electronic device that is portable, operated by a battery. It serves as electronic medical equipment which works by gently massaging the prostate using pulsating sonic waves. This device can turn out to be more effective as compared to a manual, standard massager, and similar to the use of a sonic toothbrush. It is capable of producing 40,000 movements for massaging in every minute. This means that it can only take 90 seconds in use after being inserted, thus saving you a whole lot of time.

This device is known for its ease of use and exceptional design, with waves that can help in moving congested liquid out of a man’s prostate gland, thus allowing normal fluid and fresh blood to flow. The following effects can be expected after five sessions:

  • Enhances the flow of the lymph fluid, helping in the cleansing of blood in areas that are affected.
  • Enhances the flow of blood in the prostate gland.
  • Enhances erectile function while stimulating nerve endings. It also tones and strengthens the muscles in the prostate area.
  • Enhances semen flow and quality.
  • Strengthens control of the bladder, improving flow of urine while relieving pain. Another benefit is prostate relaxation, as well as muscle stimulation. Inflammation may be reduced with these sonic pulsations. On top of stimulating the metabolic processes, you can expect to experience healing, since the nerve health can be restored while relieving the pain.

How is Sonic Prostate Massager Comparable to Other Models?

There are also other massager models available on the market, claiming to provide the same function. However, reality is that some were only designed to serve as sex toys, but are now being sold as medical devices in order to gain more profits. This product, however, was specifically designed for a single purpose, that is, to help in restoring prostate health by blood flow stimulation to the prostate, as well as the surrounding areas.

The sonic wave technology used is better compared to the standard vibrating products available these days. The non-turbulent and flat waves are particularly formed in order to avoid any potential issues with the prostate gland. It has also become the most comfortable and safest insertion, thanks to its unique feature and design.

This sonic massager can provide you with a satisfying prostate massage which can allow you to see the results after 2-5 weeks after constant use. As a matter of fact, about 95% of actual users have claimed that they have seen improvements after they used this product.

By performing this smart exercise, you can easily see the results in just a period of 2 to 5 weeks, or else, you can be guaranteed to have your money back. No hassle with insertion, as it will only take you 2-3 minutes while in the shower.

You can perform this easy routine 2 to 3 days every week! Take control of your health now. If you have been dealing with prostate issues for years, it is recommended to try this now and restore your prostate health! Customers Reviews | Buy from Amazon